venerdì 1 maggio 2009


Mi è venuta in mente questa vecchia canzone che adoro, appannaggio della mia adolescenza.

Choke choke pride
Still I could only wait for you to decide
Tear it all apart
You break my heart
Why don’t you follow through
Follow through
And the day ends
A so called friend
A drunken bed
How could you with...
Why would you...
All of them
No one owns you
Just keep me hanging here
Tell me you need me dear
Tell me you’re sure I souldn't fear
Lies Lies Lies
Choke Choke Please
Have another drink on me
My love humiliation
I gave you every chance to leave
and you stayed just long enough
to bury me
As I understand wath no one can see
I stop
And all these words seem selfish
and anger you
And none of it is true
But all of them confess until I choke...
I tough I knew a true love
I used to think you really cared
I used to think I knew True Innocence
I though that you were that
I know you to well when you lie
I hope you choke on them
and see for me
For me
And all these words seem selfish and
anger you
And you were always true
Am I the only want that hears you lie?

by Lagwagon

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